Waste Heat Boilers and Exhaust Gas Boilers

Utilising well proven finned tube designs, our engineers create bespoke waste heat recovery equipment to suit clients’ specific requirements. Typical applications include primary or secondary power generation or steam/hot water production for industrial processes. Whether the equipment is to be installed downstream of static diesel or gas engines, gas turbines, furnaces, incinerators or other sources of waste heat energy, Green’s provides solutions to your waste heat challenges.

Using Green’s own proprietary software, our engineers optimise heat recovery from gas streams taking into account any process constraints and/or space limitations. For most dirty gas applications, such as heavy fuel oil firing, off-gas from incinerators, biomass plants, and chemical plants, our Steel H finned tubes bring additional heat recovery benefits.

Exhaust gas can flow vertically or horizontally, process fluid can be steam, hot water or thermal oil.  Heat recovery equipment can incorporate one or more banks of tubes with selected geometry to suit specific applications. Steam boiler plant can be designed for single or dual pressure generation based on natural, assisted or dual (natural/assisted) circulation.

Our capability is not limited to heat recovery equipment design.  From our extensive UK manufacturing facility, which is accredited to ASME, EN and other relevant standards, we build and assemble equipment of the highest quality.

Components that we can deliver include:

  • water treatment
  • feedwater storage including deaerators
  • feedwater and circulating water pumps
  • steam drums and headers
  • on-line gas cleaning
  • gas ductwork including bypass dampers
  • condensate recovery systems
  • fluid pipework, valves and instrumentation.

Working alongside diesel engine manufacturers, such as Caterpillar, MAN, Rolls-Royce and Wärtsilä, we have successfully delivered energy recovery solutions, typically in the 5 – 50 MWt range, to customers around the world including Baraka Power (Bangladesh), Duke Energy (Guatemala), GSK (Singapore) and Wartsila (for projects in Bangladesh and Italy).

Download and print information about Green’s waste heat boilers and exhaust gas boilers here