Rail Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchange Group (HEG) manufacture a selection of replacement Rail heat exchangers for the CL150, 153/155, 156, 158 trains which operate on the UK network. We have the in-house capability to service existing units and also manufacture replacement units with our experienced aluminium welding team. Typical products manufactured by HEG are:

  • Cooler packs
  • Radiators (Hemmed Finned and Finless)
  • Transmission combi coolers
  • Compressor aftercoolers
  • Cab Heaters
  • Air receivers

We can also provide a selection of spares, such as:

  • Copper Brass radiator cores
  • Fan controllers
  • Aftercooler insulation jackets
  • Fan impellors

Should you need any further information, please contact:

Nigel Stone, Rail Sales Director, nigelstone@greenspower.co.uk