Products & Services

We design, manufacture and install economisers, boilers, waste heat & exhaust gas boilers, finned tubes and boiler pressure parts.

Economisers/flue gas coolers

Economisers, or flue gas coolers, are heat exchange devices that are fitted to boilers to capture the exhaust gases and use them both to raise the temperature of the feed water and lower the exhaust gas temperature helping to reduce fuel requirements and increasing efficiency. Green’s economisers have been designed, manufactured and installed on a wide range of boilers used for energy production, in industrial and processing plants and on marine vessels.

We are the original and best manufacturer of these products. The design and manufacture of our bespoke economisers is continually developed and improved to help customers reduce emissions, improve efficiency and save money.  Find out more about economisers here.

Waste heat boilers, exhaust gas boilers and systems

Green’s waste heat boilers and exhaust gas boilers recover heat from furnaces, incinerators, static diesel or gas engines, gas turbines and other sources of waste heat generated by systems’ exhaust gases.

Using bespoke combinations of Green’s finned tubes to meet individual requirements, the boilers that we design and manufacture optimise waste heat recovery which reduces emissions, improves efficiency and saves money. Find out more about boilers here.

Finned tubes

We manufacture and supply a wide range of extended surface finned tubes including Plate Fin (Steel H and Steel H Double) in solid and serrated fin profiles. Where they are being used in potentially corrosive environments, we protect them with cast iron.

Green’s proprietary Steel H plate fin technology delivers pairs of parallel steel fins which are resistance welded to the tube surface.

Double H design means that the steel fins are welded onto two tubes at the same time. Find out more about finned tubes here.

Boiler pressure parts and fabrications

Green’s supplies a wide range of bespoke and standard boiler pressure parts including:

  • Steam airheaters
  • Headers
  • Waterwalls
  • Reheaters
  • Superheaters
  • H fin, double H fin, spiral and plain tubes
  • Bends
  • Casings

Find out more about our boiler pressure part and tube fabrication services here.

Green’s provides a wide range of aftermarket services so that our customers’ marine and land boilers, economisers and waste heat recovery systems keep working as efficiently as possible for their entire lifetime. From proactive inspections and surveys to reactive repairs and spares supply we have a reputation for providing fast and reliable aftermarket support. Find out more about our Aftermarket services.

Design Engineering

Our engineering and design team helps to deliver optimum waste heat recovery solutions for our customers using a range of tools and skills. From selecting the most appropriate heat transfer surface for the energy source to producing 3D models using Solidworks. And performing pipe stress analysis on piping systems using Bentley Autopipe or our proprietary in-house programmes developed and optimised using the experience gained through the vast number of projects we have undertaken. We use our considerable expertise to deliver appropriate and cost-effective engineering solutions in a very accurate and timely manner. Read more about Green’s Design Engineering services here.