Supporting industry initiatives




At Heat Exchange Group we believe it’s vital to support industry schemes that promote collaborative working between partners, suppliers, and customers.

That’s why we belong to specialist organisations whose aims and priorities are similar to ours.

This includes CATCH, an industry led partnership supporting the process, energy, engineering and renewable industries in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, and Humber. And NOF, which connects businesses in the global energy sector.

Members of our team regularly attend their meetings and events and contribute to discussions around important topical issues that impact our customers and how we can best respond to their needs.

And we have been assessed by CATCH’s auditors to pre-validate our meeting of their exacting standards for our competencies, systems and other criteria which gives our customers additional confidence in the quality of the products and services we provide to them.

Heat Exchange Group’s Managing Director Matthew Crewe said: “Most of our work is in the industrial, processing and renewables sectors, all of which are very dynamic and very different. Participating in initiatives like CATCH and NOF ensures we stay on top of the changes and requirements, which benefits our teams and our customers.”