Green’s builds business in Africa

Over the past 12 months Green’s equipment designed and built in the UK has been shipped to Africa for a range of applications.

High profile projects that have been secured in this buoyant market by Green’s include:

  • Design and manufacture of economisers for Hwange Power Station in Zimbabwe
  • Fabrication of heating coils for vertical crystallisation mixer and economiser single coils as well as inlet and header and outlet headers for sugar mills in Cameroon and Gabon
  • Production of replacement cast iron finned tubes, headers, support beams and baffles for the Munyati 100MW coal fired power station
  • Economiser and boiler repairs for Nigeria LNG
  • Replacement of double economiser coils for a power station in Morocco

In addition to these large projects Green’s also supplies spares to an increasing number of customers across Africa.

Green’s agent for Africa is ETTS.