Showcasing Tomasz Wnek, Engineering Manager (Design)

As part of National Careers Week 2024, we are putting our employees in the spotlight. Tomasz Wnek is Heat Exchange Group’s Engineering Manager (Design).

He is responsible for thermal, mechanical, and structural design of boiler equipment, heat exchangers and other equipment manufactured at Green’s, a Heat Exchange Group company. Tomasz works with a team carrying out sizing of heat exchangers and overall construction design, making sure all customer’s operational and installation requirements are considered. He is responsible for mechanical calculations to assure safe operation of the equipment and compliance with any necessary statutory and regulatory requirements.

What motivated you to pursue a career in your field, and how has it evolved?

My interest in engineering probably started with my childhood obsession with LEGO and creating my own designs out of limited amount of sets. Since then, I was always interested in physics and science, and wanted to understand how things work. Learning engineering at a University was a natural choice, followed by undergraduate placements in engineering companies to gain practical experience.

Find out more about Tomasz and his career path to becoming Heat Exchange Group’s Engineering Manager.