Showcasing Shaun Duro, Service Manager – PHE & Rail

As part of National Careers Week 2024, we are putting our employees in the spotlight. Shaun Duro is Heat Exchange Group’s Service Manager.

He looks after the day to day running of the plate heat exchanger and rail departments. His role is to ensure the smooth running of works entering and leaving Heat Exchange Group’s facility and to a high standard. He also assists to ensure the company is up to date with all the correct QHSE standards and that all staff are trained to the current guidelines. Shaun has a role to ensure the company’s key account customers are looked after whether this be by phone, email or personal visits to their sites. He became qualified to assist with internal audits and fully trained for warehouse racking system inspections. He says that it’s important for him  set an example amongst colleagues and develop relationships to ensure everyone works efficiently.

What would you say to those considering a career in manufacturing or engineering?

  • Grab each opportunity by the grasp of your hands!
  • Do any training that can assist with your career path to enhance your own personal portfolio.
  • Listen to others and gain respect from your co workers as this will make performing work task more efficient and enjoyable.

Careers in this sector are amazing and rewarding!

Find out more about Shaun and his career path to becoming Heat Exchange Group’s Service Manager – PHE & Rail