Rubbish is power for LondonEnergy

LondonEnergy provides waste management services to seven North London boroughs and its vision is that no waste should be sent to landfill from any of its sites by 2025.

One of the key ways in which LondonEnergy intends to meet this ambitious target is by turning waste into electricity which it does at its forty acre EcoPark in Edmonton. It has recently chosen a bespoke economiser designed, manufactured and installed by Green’s into its five boilers to improve the reliability and efficiency of this process.

Waste collected from homes and businesses is burned at very high temperatures in the boilers  at the EcoPark. The heat generated produces superheated steam at high pressure which passes the blades of turbines, which then rotate at high speed driving an alternator generating electricity. Enough electricity is produced not only to meet all of the needs of the EcoPark but also to allow some 32MWh of additional electricity to be fed into the National Grid, equivalent to the annual needs of around 80,000 homes for a whole year.