Our Sustainability and Green Charter

Heat Exchange Group Limited – incorporating our aptly named and resourceful subsidiary Green’s seeks to promote the economic, social and environmental well-being of our environment and our community.

We are a manufacturing and service business.  From our inception 200 years ago when we started manufacturing fuel economisers that minimised input fuel to power stations to now supplying more than 5000 heat recovery projects around the globe, we continue to seek to utilise waste heat resources more efficiently.

We continue to look at designing, manufacturing and servicing products which have a wide range of heat recovery, fuel saving and heat exchange possibilities.

In our Charter we promise to:

  • Continue to advocate and sell heat transfer and heat exchange products, with solutions that ensure we maximise the use of waste heat in oil and gas, industrial, commercial, public sector, rail and marine applications.
  • Use our engineering resources to make the most efficient products in our market.  As part of our Heat Exchange centre of excellence we guarantee that our solutions will help our customers to reduce the impact of their operations
  • Minimise our impact on climate change by reducing our own carbon footprint and communicate what we have done towards this. This links from our energy usage costs to transport miles of our equipment and supplies all the way to how our people think.
  • Consider the environmental impact of the services we provide by carrying out an assessment of all services to ensure we undertake those with the least impact
  • Use the duties, powers and resources invested in us to minimise the impact of our actions and those of others on the environment, and to enhance the environment, wherever possible
  • Make the most effective use of our resources to provide value for money by taking into account the whole life costs of the goods and services we purchase
  • Use our Green Charter to seek to influence the behaviour of our partners, stakeholders and customers – above and beyond the usual ISO14001 parameters

 For further information – please call our QESH, Sustainability and Compliance team on 07920 548056 or 0300 124 0495

Download our Sustainability and Green Charter.