Our extensive support facilities minimise our customers’ downtime

A large energy services company came to Heat Exchange Group when their heat exchanger had exceeded its predetermined back pressure value, automatically triggering the need to plan for a EGHEX (Exhaust gas heat exchanger) replacement.

Because Heat Exchange Group has extensive product and service support facilities, once the customer confirmed certain details on the existing unit, we could match one that we had ready to go from our service facility in Prudhoe. Our fast response engineering team then went to the customer’s site to remove the failing unit using suitable lifting tackle to ensure safety. They installed a refurbished unit, which came with free issue gaskets, that had been stored in our factory following previous refurbishment programs we had undertaken for this customer.

Our team took the failing unit back to our Prudhoe Service centre for full service and pressure testing before placing it into stock for their next call. Keeping a rolling stock in this way means we can keep our customers’ downtime to a minimum.

To ensure we provide the best possible and most productive and efficient service, before we undertake any work our engineers talk to our customers to discuss site conditions, look at photos and, if time and location allow, visit their site to determine where the EGHEX is and plan to overcome any access issues. Often these units are installed in a plant room or a canopy/container, on the floor next to the engine or above the engine, they may also be located up or down stairs, through corridors and close to walls making access tricky but not impossible. We have not come across one unit to date that we couldn’t cope with.

Replacing their failing EGHEX with a refurbished one installed by our team meant that our customer is able to continue running their equipment at its optimum performance using the recovered heat for processes within their end user’s business, particularly important with rising energy costs and increasing focus on carbon reduction.

Images show our customer’s EGHEX before and after our team’s work.