Optimum heating solution for pioneering wood preservative manufacturer

Green’s provides optimum heating solution for pioneering wood preservative manufacturer

Green’s, part of the Heat Exchange Group, has partnered with Arxada’s European Wood Protection division to provide a new heat exchanger to heat its pioneering Tanasote® wood preservative in a large timber treatment plant.

Tanasote® is an oil-based copper wood preservative that has been developed as a sustainable alternative to creosote for industrial timbers, such as railway sleepers and utility poles.

Based upon Green’s expertise and reputation, the Arxada Wood Protection engineering team commissioned them to design an oil-based product heater to heat the contents of an autoclave tank from 0˚C to 60˚C for a leading European treated timber producer.

Green’s design team modelled the optimum solution to meet requirements which resulted in them recommending a fixed tube sheet design shell and tube heat exchanger with an expansion bellows. It was manufactured in Green’s Wakefield factory in 304L stainless steel for future plant flexibility and produced to meet the stringent design code ASME VIII Div.1.

Matthew Crewe, Managing Director of Heat Exchange Group, Green’s parent company said: “Once our team had manufactured this high specification product heater, it was dispatched and delivered on time and on budget.”