Latest biomass project on site in Copenhagen

Installation of Green’s largest and heaviest shipment of economisers has commenced at Hofor’s Amagervaerket heat and power plant in Copenhagen. The plant is vital to achieving the city’s ambition to be the world’s first carbon neutral city by 2025.

Green’s is working in partnership with Valmet, the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services.

The bespoke system designed by Green’s and produced in its Wakefield factory comprises 12 economisers, each of which are 20m long each and up to 165 tonnes – a total weight of 1,884 tonnes or around the same as 471 elephants.

Matthew Crewe, Green’s managing director says: “Valmet has previously commissioned Green’s design, engineering and manufacturing expertise in waste heat recovery systems for other projects. We were delighted to be chosen for this prestigious contract to supply a biomass-fired boiler plant and related biofuel storage and conveyor systems.”