Waste Heat Recovery system to increase efficiency of energy production in Bangladesh

Green’s has completed a major contract that will help the Bangladeshi government to achieve its ambitious plan to double the country’s power generation capacity to 38,000 MW, in order to provide access to electricity to the two thirds of the population who are currently not connected to the grid.

The waste heat recovery system provided by Green’s is on its way to the new 113MWe diesel powered power plant in Rangpur via Bangladesh’s main port, Chittagong. It includes the design and manufacture of 16 boilers and ancillary equipment including 80 sootblowers and electrical control panels, high pressure and low-pressure steam drums, deaerators, flexible couplings, dampers, blowdown vessels and a variety of valves.

Green’s managing director Matthew Crewe says: “This was a complex project that required close working with many of our supply chain partners as well as our agent in Dhaka – Pivot Engineering. It has resulted in a high-quality waste heat recovery system that will contribute to Bangladesh’s need to generate more energy efficiently.”