In with the old and in with the new at Green’s

While our heat recovery systems are based on technology that our founder Edward Green invented almost 200 years ago, we are continually developing our products and devising innovative solutions to increase their efficiency and longevity.

For applications where erosion is an issue, for example where power is generated using “dirty” fuels such as low-grade oil or sub-bituminous coal containing abrasive ash, boiler and economiser tubes can quickly be eroded, significantly affecting availability of the plant.

Our Engineering Design team use CFD (computerised fluid dynamics) analysis to identify areas of risk from erosion and develops proprietary erosion shields which are manufactured and fitted in our purpose-built factory.

Green’s erosion shields have been used in the following recent installations:

• Stainless steel shields for a refinery in India, covering the top layer of plain carbon steel boiler tubes (top bank erosion shields)
• Stainless steel shields for specific areas of finned tubes at a power station project in Australia (partial erosion shields)
• Development of full coverage erosion shields that protect the entire finned tubes on a project in Asia

Green’s Sales Manager Emilia Becirbasic says: “We work in partnership with our customers to determine the optimum solutions to their waste heat recovery requirements. Whether it is during the initial design and specification stage of a project, or as part of our maintenance and repairs service, introducing enhancements, such as erosion shields, is something we do on an ongoing basis to ensure that our systems operate as efficiently as possible.”