Hunt acquisition facilitates excellent service for energy company

Green’s recently manufactured a replacement tube bundle for a large European energy company whose focus is on developing and producing conventional natural gas – the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel – providing approximately 60% of its country’s natural gas consumption and 90% of its gas production.  Domestically produced natural gas is a key component of the country’s energy mix and is secure, reliable, and cost effective.

This was the first time Green’s and client had worked together and was made possible by Green’s acquisition of the Hunt Thermal Technologies IP, key equipment and experienced members of the business joining Green’s.

The U-tube bundle that forms part of the company’s methanol reboiler was a slightly unusual design. It had to be epoxy coated on the outside to extend its life previously it was prone to failure after operating for a very short time because the company’s energy production process led to significant fouling issues that block the tubes and significantly affect efficiency.

Fabrication was completed in Green’s factory in Wakefield on time and on budget with quality workmanship carried out by Green’s experienced and qualified team. It was then installed by the client’s in-house maintenance team.

Managing director Matthew Crewe said: “We have been asked by our client to work with them on an ongoing basis to help them keep their operations at optimal performance.”