Helping Denmark’s sustainable power generation aims

Working closely with Valmet, Green’s designed, manufactured and tested a double steel H finned tube economiser for a 140 MWth biomass-fired HYBEX boiler for energy company Ørsted’s Asnaes Power Station in Kalundborg, Denmark.

The boiler will be producing steam for district heating, process steam and power generation and will be using sustainably sourced woodchips and woodchip-like fuels.

Valmet’s HYBEX boilers are designed to use fuels with high moisture content and low thermal value making them ideal for this application. While Green’s steel H finned tube economisers offer cost savings both in capital investment and ongoing operational costs. They provide a more compact solution with fewer tubes required than plain tube designs, which reduces the cost of materials and labour. They also heat water more quickly and are suitable for high fouling fuels, making them more efficient and requiring less maintenance so that boiler downtime and its effect on business performance is kept to a minimum.

Ørsted’s Asnaes Power Station is an important part of Denmark’s decarbonisation programme and is scheduled to be operating in late 2019.

Green’s design team firstly verified Valmet’s thermal design and then provided a detailed mechanical design for the economiser backed by thermal and mechanical guarantees. It was then manufactured in Green’s factory, with the final unit weighing some 87 tonnes.

“The boiler delivery project is proceeding at full speed and works on-site have started. We have good co-operation with Green’s and other subcontractors to deliver the boiler,” says Valto Harju, Project Manager for Energy from Valmet.

Green’s managing director Matthew Crewe says: “We have worked with Valmet on a wide range of projects over many years and are proud to have been selected for this initiative that will make an important contribution to Denmark’s drive towards increased use of renewable energy.”