Heat Exchange Group and Hunt Thermal Technologies partner to provide significantly increased heat exchanger and industrial boiler capability

When our customers said they wanted a wider heat exchanger offering, not just design and manufacturing, our challenge was to create a wider array of services, working together we provide:

  • All thermal solution requirements in one place, manufactured/carried out to the highest standards and accreditation in the market, for all applications of heat exchangers, and pressure vessels
  • 200+ talented people, from many great brands with in-depth engineering skills to provide the full solution to our customers
  • Service-driven, bespoke, in-house design and manufacture from two UK Design & Manufacturing sites – delivering worldwide
  • A fully equipped, advanced manufacturing facility for specialist products, including full testing in-house, with a large catalogue of PQR`s and weld procedures
  • Standalone Service Centre backed by three separate service sites, ensuring a fast turnaround on repairs, cleaning, servicing plus specialist inspection and testing where required
  • A comprehensive repair and installation team – so we can design and install while providing a warranty/guarantee on all our products (including one-stop ordering & full turnkey service) – with 24/7 back-up always available when you need us
  • Dedicated rail service cell with the latest equipment, centrally located

This exciting partnership is facilitated by Hunt Thermal Technologies being now owned by RCapital portfolio – bringing both highly skilled teams together

Remember, we are OEM for several great brands including Green’s, Hunt, Johnson Hunt, Thornhill, Universal Heat Transfer – linking in Senior, Wellman International and Hunt Graham

We remain committed to building a combined heat exchanger business that serves the UK

Please call us for further information we are always available on

+44 (0)300 1240 495

+44 (0)161 331 4400