Green’s to deliver four Flue Gas Coolers for Metsä Group’s new bioproduct mill

Greens Power / HEG are proud to be involved in Metsä Group’s new bioproduct mill in Kemi, Finland, which is the forest industry’s largest investment in Europe.

The new bioproduct mill will have an annual pulp production capacity of 1.5 million tonnes and in addition produce various other bioproducts.

The construction phase will take approximately two and a half years and the new,  completely fossil fuel free, mill is scheduled to start-up in the third quarter 2023.

The energy self-sufficient mill will produce 2.0 TWh of renewable electricity per year (roughly 2,5% of Finnish electricity production), excess electricity will be sold to national and local grids.

Working together with Valmet – who are responsible for the key technology covering all main process islands and automation systems, Green’s will be supplying four Flue Gas Coolers.

The Flue Gas Coolers’ design features H-fin heating surface, selected to optimise performance, as well as capital expenditure and operating costs.

To ensure the best solution was selected, several design options have been carefully considered and discussed with Valmet during the 18 months’ tendering process.

Selected design include more than 45 kilometres of finned tubes, which will be assembled into 8 modules, weighing in total in excess of 600 tonnes.

The Flue Gas Coolers will recover nearly 52 MW of residual heat from the Recovery Boiler’s flue gas.

This order will be a praised addition to Green’s references for Flue Gas Coolers installed on pulp and paper mills all around the world, and further expand its references for products installed on Finnish power plants.