Farewell to our 2020 projects – and a warm welcome to some great new projects in Q1

The events of early 2020 and the pandemic made for an extremely busy 6 months to 31 December 202o  – our factory hours were through the roof and we have despatched some great projects around the world (UK, Finland, Japan, Spain, Chile). Our Service sales were a little slower in certain sectors but have rebounded with vigour in early 2021, especially our Industrial Services.

Both our factories and site teams are now ramping up for the a busy 2021 and it is great to see the projects moving forward, especially larger Capital sales (we’ve doubled our budget in Q1 already) and industrial sales (70% above budget in Q1) – and we still have a few more weeks in Q1!!

Whilst inevitably Covid has presented challenges and lots of changes in our business – some being hard to contemplate at times, its great to see we have a leaner base and some good ongoing work. Here is a sample of work we have done in the period;

  • 14 large modular economiser/flue gas cooler/shell and tube units and almost 5,000 finned tubes – one bridge structure, pin ovens, canning line equipment countless plate heat exchanger refurbs.
  • Bespoke finned tube banks for a Japanese customer – with specialist erosion shields, strong engineering input and collaboration to find the right solution.
  • Very fast turnaround shell and tube work – covering a number of late nights and weekends – for both offshore and land based blue chip customers – using both our facilities.
  • Continuous support of the Rail network – every single day throughout the pandemic with special measures introduced day 1 (exactly a year ago) to enable our customers to keep the radiators and cooler groups available, under exacting H&S procedures.

Upcoming and thanks for the orders

  • Equipment for Northern Europe’s largest papermill!
  • Further power station work in Australasia
  • Continued offshore work
  • New rail work with main key supplier to the sector

Please contact us if you have any requirements – our sales team will always be happy to help you