Chemical company gets expert reaction

For chemical companies, efficient manufacture of their products is vital. A major chemical company based in the North West of England recently commissioned Green’s inspection team to check the boilers at one of its primary plants as part of its proactive maintenance programme that aims to keep its manufacturing equipment in optimum condition.

This plant produces Oxidising agents in a variety of grades for use in a wide range of applications including pulp and paper bleaching, disinfection, environmental treatment, chemical synthesis and aquaculture. The company is also contracted to supply superheated steam to a neighbouring industrial plant.

The inspection revealed that there was a leak on the primary superheater header. This required immediate specialist repair before it became worse and caused serious problems.

Following diagnosis of the leak, Green’s proposed design modifications to address the issue, liaised with the notified body, removed the faulty header, installed a new one and carried out the necessary specialist non-destructive X-ray and pressure testing. The work was completed in less than two weeks.

The company’s engineering services manager says: “The Green’s team has a combination of knowledge, repairs experience, on-site expertise and an accessible archive of legacy information which is unique. They were first choice for this business-critical job, having visited their factory where I saw first-hand the skills of their design and manufacturing professionals.”