Biggest delivery ever heads to Denmark

The largest and heaviest load ever to leave Green’s factory in its 200 year history will start to leave for Copenhagen this week.

The total shipments will weigh in at 1,884 tonnes, around the same as 471 elephants and has required more than 6 million welds. Each delivery will be 20 metres long and weigh up to 165 tons. This significant project includes economiser equipment that has been designed, engineered and manufactured by Green’s.

It is part of a system that will help HOFOR, Denmark’s largest utility company, achieve Copenhagen’s aim to become the first carbon neutral city by 2025. It will travel from West Yorkshire approximately 600 miles (956km) to Amagervaerket heat and power plant in Copenhagen, where it will be an important part of the city’s green energy programme.

Green’s factory manager Chris Wright says: “This project includes some 210 miles (335km) of steel tubing and includes Green’s patented technology. It will be used at Copenhagen’s biomass plant and is the latest example of our increasing workload from the biomass sector. We realise that these deliveries are going to cause some disruption in the city and beyond, but we hope the local community will be understanding and patient with us. It’s a fantastic achievement that has required us taking on extra people which is good for the local economy. These deliveries will be a result of the hard work, skill and dedication of the Green’s team.”