Full service ahead from our Scottish Services team

Since we opened our service office in Aberdeen, we have significantly strengthened our offering in Scotland.

Having an office and site service team, as well as sales and management teams based there has brought us closer to our customers in the region supported by our main service operational hub in Prudhoe and manufacturing facility in Wakefield.

Heat Exchange Group Services has worked with many clients in Scotland through our established brands including Thornhill Heat Transfer, Hunt Thermal, Wellman Graham, Universal Heat Transfer and Bells Heat Transfer. Our growing client list clients included offshore operators, marine services customers, breweries and distilleries and hospitals throughout Scotland.

Recent projects our team has worked on include:

  • Full service on an offshore M30 plate heat exchanger
  • Several offshore shell and tube heat exchanger repairs and replacements
  • A SIGMA star 90 service and frost coil repairs

Our in-house capabilities to meet our clients heat exchange requirements using our locally based engineers has been key to our growth and success. Our focus is on fast turnarounds, using top tier engineering specialists. We know downtime matters so we are firmly focussed on meeting tight deadlines without compromising on quality, health and safety.

Our services include inspection work NDT (IRIS, EC and UT), HP jetting offshore, machining of equipment where required. We have several engineers qualified to full international offshore standard and are also in the process of training more engineers to work offshore to meet expected demand from our customers (Combined BOSIET, MIST, Shoulder Measurement, Norwegian Escape Chute, Offshore Medical Inc, Fit to Train!

We have recently successfully completed our combined ISO9001, 45001 and 14001 re-assessments, reaccredited for ASME RS and U Stamps and renewed safe contractor certification

Contact our specialists in Scotland to find out how we can help you keep your heat exchange equipment working at optimum levels:

James McClean on 07802 244148 jamesmcclean@heatexchangegroup.co.uk, (Grampian, North, West and Central Region)

Matthew Crewe on 07920 548056 Matthewcrewe@heatexchangegroup.co.uk (Central and Borders region)


BOC-leading provider of industrial, medical & special gases

Leaks affect a plant in multiple ways, from reducing process efficiency and losing out on valuable product, to providing risks of slippage and in extreme cases severe risk to life.

What was the problem?

 Every operations & maintenance team on a plant seeks to keep these incidents to a minimum and mostly succeed. But where this isn’t the case, it is essential to have partners and suppliers on hand that can provide support in an emergency.

Ammonia is a substance that when it begins unexpectedly leaking from a PHE cooler, results in a plant being shut down because of the inherent safety concerns. When the client is BOC and bottling that Ammonia is also a key part of its business, the impact is doubled through loss of product as well as production shutdown.

Heat Exchange Group’s team has worked extensively with BOC sites across the country. When their ammonia cooler PHE sprung a leak, we were the first company that they called on. We immediately collected the unit and brought it to our workshop.

The unit needed to be fully repaired, pressure tested and recommissioned for BOC as soon as possible, with zero compromise on quality and safety of the operations.


What did we do?

 Once the unit arrived at our workshop our extensive team of engineers began examining the unit to determine the cause of the leak.

While initially it had appeared to the customer that the gaskets were damaged. When examination by our experienced experts, it was evident that the gaskets had not swollen through chemical damage or been damaged through wear and tear. Instead, the bolts had been overtightened and torqued, resulting in physical deformation and leading the unit to leak.

Once this became clear, we ordered new gaskets on the fastest courier delivery. With the gaskets arriving in two days, we cleaned, re-gasketed, tightened, pressure tested with additional leak checks applied and shipped back to the customer within 24 hours.


What were the results?

BOC benefitted from our service by expert engineers in a number of ways:

  • MONEY SAVED – They retained valuable product that they were at risk of losing.
  • PLANT OPERATIONS – They could restart the plant immediately with our support, not losing out on further production downtime.
  • SAFE COLLEAGUES, SAFE ENVIRONMENT – Heat Exchange Group explained that overtightening a unit can be counter-productive to reducing a leak.



UKCA marking services from Heat Exchange Group

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking was introduced following the UK’s withdrawal of from the European Union (BREXIT). It becomes a legal requirement for a wide range of products from January 1st 2023 and includes pressure parts, boilers, heat exchangers and piping systems for end users in the UK.

It does not apply to European installations where the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED/2014/68/EU) CE marking continues to apply.

How can Heat Exchange Group help?

  • We can provide UKCA marking for pressure parts, boilers, heat exchangers, economisers piping systems and major repair components.
  • We have a highly skilled and experienced team that will provide the relevant documentation for the design, engineering and manufacture of equipment and ensure UKCA compliance together with approval by third party inspectors for all the pressure systems as per PESR 2016.
  • We can supply our new heat exchangers, boilers, economisers, and major repair components with UKCA certification with the approval of UK authorised and approved recognition bodies.
  • We design and manufacture to ASME Section – I, ASME – VIII, TEMA and Marine design codes and offer ASME S and U stamps for international client requirements.

Hunt Thermal customers to receive support through acquisition

Heat Exchange Group has significantly expanded its range of products and services by acquiring exclusive use of all intellectual property (IP) and certain fixed assets of Hunt Thermal, which went into administration in February 2022.

Established in 1964 Hunt Thermal owned leading brands including Wellman, Hunt Graham and Hunt Thermal Technologies.

Becoming part of Heat Exchange Group means that Hunt’s customers gain access to fast turnaround service, maintenance, repair and like for like original equipment manufacture of their products. This reduces unnecessary downtime and costs and improves efficiency offered from the company’s three sites in Wakefield, Prudhoe and Aberdeen

In common with Heat Exchange Group, Hunt Thermal has a global customer base and is focussed on high quality operations and processes having achieved ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditations as well as design, manufacture, and inspection standards such as PD5500, ASME VIII U and API 660 & API661, which Heat Exchange has also been accredited for.

Heat Exchange Group Managing Director Matthew Crewe said: “Acquiring certain assets of Hunt Thermal brings benefits to our current customers and to Hunt’s customers. It strengthens our already strong place in the heat exchanger market with additional design information and manufacturing equipment which our customers can take advantage of. It also gives us access to a worldwide customer base that complements our existing offering and contacts.”


National Manufacturing Day – Open Day Event

Come and see what happens behind the scenes at one of the longest running manufacturers in the UK.

Heat Exchange Group and Green’s are opening their doors to clients, students and the local community on Thursday 07th July 2022, and you’re invited!

Our two exciting open day events, as detailed below, will run simultaneously at our main manufacturing facility in Wakefield, WF1 5PH, and at our service centre of excellence in Prudhoe, NE42 6PX.

At our client event, customers past, present and future, including other manufacturing businesses in our local area and supply chain, have the opportunity to discuss optimisation of equipment for money saving and carbon reduction, tapping in to a wealth of extensive subject matter expertise.

Our careers event will focus on engaging the local community with careers in the manufacturing sector, whether you’re a school leaver, graduate or simply interested in reskilling, upskilling or changing the direction of your career.

Register here.

Client Events in Prudhoe and Wakefield 

10.00am registration and refreshments, followed by ‘Inside the Factory’ tour and presentations ‘Optimising the Performance of your Heat Exchangers’ and ‘Principles of Heat Exchangers for Power, Rail and Industry‘, delivered by speakers with 30+ years industry knowledge. Register here.

Career Events in Prudhoe and Wakefield 

01.00pm registration and refreshments, followed by ‘Inside the Factory’ tour and practical bench demonstration of manufacturing works, e.g. non-destructive testing, welding and fitting. Followed by presentation ‘Interview Tips from Manufacturing HR Professionals’. Register here.

Can’t make it in person? Then why not register for our webinar instead: ‘Reduce Carbon, Save Money- How to Make Heat Exchange Work for your Business’. Register here.


We can’t wait to showcase the diverse range of expectational skills and experience we can offer, and that a career in manufacturing can offer. We are passionate advocates for the continuation and thriving of the manufacturing industry in the UK, and we look forward to meeting you on the 7th July so we can share our vision with you.


Want to save energy and exchange/re-use waste heat? The key facets of our business do just this!


We are very proud that our integrated business provides a full range of energy recovery, heat exchange solutions. Now more than ever does every business need to conserve its energy and heat. Our engineers including several key recruits from our sector can provide almost any solution you require.

From the large Economiser and boiler equipment (used in Waste to Energy, Pulp and Paper, Chemicals, Steel and many other heavy industry or energy applications) all the way to shell and tube and plate heat exchangers used in food and drink applications and rail coolers/radiators for the UK rail industry – we can supply manufactured equipment (our brand names and other OEM replacement), engineering solutions, service, repair and installation

We have technical engineers and site teams nationally from the South of England to the North of Scotland (well Aberdeen) , an agent network internationally, two factories and service centres


Just call us on 0300 124 0495 or mail us on info@heatexchangegroup.co.uk




Flue Gas Coolers leave Wakefield for two pulp mills in Finland

Green’s, part of the Heat Exchange Group have recently completed the design and manufacture of Flue Gas Coolers for two Finnish Pulp Mills.

Three single-module Flue Gas Coolers are already being installed at Metsä Fibre’s Rauma Mill in the Southwest of the country whilst four larger Flue Gas Coolers (supplied as eight modules) are being transported to the Kemi Bioproducts Mill – also part of Metsä Fibre’s fleet.


Both sets of Flue Gas Coolers comprise H-fin heating surface and will be installed downstream of the Recovery Boilers to reduce the temperature of the flue gas and utilise the residual heat it contains, before it is released to the atmosphere.


Heat Exchange Group further enhance their commitment to fair and equitable work practices





Our fair and equitable work practices

Heat Exchange Group Limited are a manufacturing and service business that seeks to utilise heat resources better, from our inception manufacturing fuel economisers that minimise input fuel to worldwide power stations 100 years ago, all the way to our current day products looking at a wide range of heat exchange possibilities.

As part of our commitment to do the right thing, we embed collaborative working and encourage an open culture, with emphasis on fair practices

Equality & Diversity

Our dignity & respect at work policy details our commitment to providing a working environment free from bullying, harassment, and violence. It is circulated to all employees and is a contractual policy. We further circulate this policy with our supply chain members and ensure that they have an agreeable policy in place as part of supplier auditing or adopt and agree to the terms of our policy as a term of our partnership. Compliance must be understood by all as discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated; our managers undertake EDI training on an annual basis, and dignity & respect at work lunch & learn sessions open to all colleagues, have regularly formed part of our annual learning at work week

Fair & Living Wage

The wages we provide our employees with are based on their ability, performance, contribution, and experience. We undertake regular, diligent reviews of salary levels to ensure our employees are remunerated competitively. On at least an annual basis every employee is communicated with about their own personal remuneration and outcomes of salary reviews Our employee population has a discretionary contractual entitlement to paid sick leave, to support their physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. Furthermore, our employed staff members receive the non-contractual benefit of personal and independent financial and pensions advice, substituted by the company on an annual basis during the learning at work week, to help them maintain financial wellbeing, and prepare for retirement. We are proud to be a living wage employer and recognise the importance of the living wage in socioeconomic terms.

Fair Employment

Our recruitment and employment policies and procedures consist of hiring practices that are fair and non-discriminatory. Our hiring managers have all undertaken recruitment and selection training as part of our internal management development programme, with a focus on fair, inclusive and non-discriminatory hiring practises. Our recruitment and selection policy and practises are reviewed on a regular basis and form an integral part of our wider EDI strategy. The effective integration of new employees, and familiarisation with our core policies and procedures, form an important part of our onboarding process. Our onboarding process is tailored to individual roles and employees and has scope for reasonable adjustments to overcome barriers caused by impairment, disability and socioeconomic circumstances.

Absolute commitment to Health & Safety and consultation

Consultation on matters relating to HSEQ take place through one-to-one conversations, health & safety committee meetings, general staff meetings, notice boards, internal publications, etc. We actively encourage employees to take ownership for H&S at work, and in our most recent colleague survey 100% of participants agreed that H&S is taken seriously here, and that H&S is everybody’s responsibility. We launched an internal peer- peer recognition initiative for HSEQ during 2021 – ‘be a hero, target zero’, to further embed the importance of HSEQ compliance and continuous improvement throughout our employee population.

Open Door Policy

We promote an ‘open door policy’ and believe in transparent communications, as we recognise that the most effective way of dealing with concerns, risk of malpractice etc, is through honest and effective communication. The company is open and transparent with employees about strategy, mission, business decisions and financial information, insofar as is reasonable and proportionate to achieving legitimate business aims. Our communication plan features monthly all company gatherings, and more detailed quarterly all company gatherings to exchange knowledge and information. Our whistleblowing policy which applies to all employees, agency workers and sub-contractors, sets out the scope, procedure, and process for a concern to be raised. Anonymity is guaranteed through our whistleblowing policy, and repercussions of a harmful or malicious nature for the disclosing person are strictly unacceptable.

Training & Development

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of service to our customers. Our learning and development strategy outlines our objectives and approach to professional development and training and is reviewed annually. Our annual learning at work week has formed a part of our L&D strategy for 3 consecutive years to date, and in 2021 an internal management development programme was launched. Furthermore, we are committed through our partnerships with local education institutes to the wider development of skills and experience for the longevity of the UK and global manufacturing sector.

Stability of Employment

We comply with our obligations in relation to statutory requests for contract variations and provide the appropriate paperwork for recording them. Various policies such as our absence management policy and family policies, demonstrate how we will legally and ethically support stability of employment for our colleagues. in all circumstances, from recruitment to offboarding, we are committed to exploring the provision of reasonable adjustments to our standard working practices to overcome barriers caused by disability, impairment and socioeconomic status

For further information – please call our QESH, Sustainability, Compliance and Human Resources team on 07920 548056 or 0300 124 0495


Welcome Sharaz and Per!

We are delighted to announce Sharaz Shahid has joined the Heat Exchange Group, as Technical Sales Manager.

He will cover the South of UK; looking after our customer base and growing number of key accounts we have in that area; providing steam boiler/heat exchanger service, repair and spares solutions across all industries.

Sharaz has a BEng in Chemical engineering and more than 10 years’ of Heat Exchange experience working for Alfa Laval and Serck Heat Exchange before joining us.

If you have service and repair requirements, or need advice/visit/survey, then drop Sharaz a note; sharaz@heatexchangegroup.co.uk






We are also pleased to welcome Per Christensen to our team.

Per has over 40 years of experience in the boiler industry with manufacture, repairs, upgrades and maintenance. He has worked for companies such as Alfa Laval, International Combustion Engineering and for the previous 25 years with Harris Pye Engineering in Dubai. Per has joined Heat Exchange Group and Green’s as Technical Consultant and is based in Dubai.

Please contact Per via email at perchristensen@greenspower.co.uk or telephone +971-50-6257397 for help with any requirements you have for Marine/Land boiler repairs and service as well as Heat Exchangers.


Happy Christmas from Heat Exchange Group!

Everyone at Heat Exchange Group would like to wish our colleagues, customers and suppliers a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2022!

Whilst the majority of our team will be taking a well deserved rest over the festive period, you can still contact us on +44 (0)300 124 0495 for urgent repairs or email sales@heatexchangegroup.co.uk