Our founder Edward Green was born in 1799 in Wakefield, UK during the height of the age of steam power deployment. He was apprenticed as a millwright at the age of just 14 where he quickly learned his trade.

He was an energetic and entrepreneurial young man with an inquisitive engineering mind. By 1821 he had married, had his first child and established Green’s as his first business, which was around 500 metres from where Green’s is based to this day.

By 1845 Edward Green had designed, engineered and manufactured the first ever Economiser, patented it and had a rapidly growing following in all areas of boiler and industrial engineering.

He passed on his knowledge through his family and continually innovated his products, building a business that was soon supplying globally. A truly amazing feat for a company at that time.

Green’s became a household name in the 20th century and in 1912 King George V opened our new factory in Wakefield. In the 1950s Green’s invented extended surface finned tubes and developed machinery to produce them. Investment continued to refine the design and optimise product performance.

Members of the Green family continued to work in the business until 1993. They left a great legacy, both to the National Trust Charity to assist with renovation of Treasurer’s House in York and the strong foundations they built for the growing and successful company that Green’s is today.

Green’s went through a number of mergers, acquisitions and other changes as detailed above. Throughout, the core original business, its patents, more than 2,000 UK and international project references, design programmes and most importantly knowhow and people remain and continue to flourish from Wakefield.

Now our dynamic team is constantly developing the design and manufacture of our core technology for the current marketplace with increasing emphasis on providing solutions for renewable energy applications especially in the Energy from Waste and Biomass sectors. And our ever growing reference list continues to take Green’s products to all corners of the world with our extensive range of products and services.