Hunt Thermal Technologies designs and manufactures a range of extended surface air coolers/heaters for various industrial system applications and requirements.

Thermal designs are carried out by our in-house Engineering team using industrial standard software such as AspenTech and HTRI.

Our team are able to:

  • Update old mechanical designs to comply with the latest boiler codes for replacement units
  • Adjust the thermal design performance to meet the latest operational requirements / changes
  • Design completely new units from process input data, basic mechanical requirements and space envelope limits

Typical materials of construction are carbon steel and 300-series stainless steels, however we can also manufacture units in 904L stainless steel, Duplex, Super-duplex and Hastelloy, depending on the design requirements

All extended surface fins are generally constructed from a spiral fin designed tube using an automatic welded connection process from the fin to the tube. The fin size and pitch can vary depending on the heat flux, gas composition and servicing requirements/interval for cleaning

We design and manufacture the units to the following industry standards:

  • ASME VIII Div.1
  • PD5500
  • EN13445
  • API661 for refineries

Hunt Thermal Technologies is experienced at designing and manufacturing equipment from replacement tube bundles through to complete turnkey units:

  • Tube bundle
  • Plenium
  • Fan
  • Framework
  • Attenuator
  • Louvre
  • Basic C&I package