Hunt Thermal Technologies designs and manufactures a complete range of extended surface heat exchangers for all forms of air and gas treatment and the heating, cooling and condensing of all types of liquids and vapours.

Thermal design is carried out in-house in line with the required duty, temperatures are wide ranging – 150 up to 950 degrees centigrade, limited only by material properties. Designs can incorporate bellows where required, plus insulated cases either internal or externally clad.

Materials of construction are generally to suit the application and we hold a wide range of PQR’s usual Carbon, stainless, duplex, CrMo, Ti and a wide range of alloys.

Typically one side is pressurized (Tubeside) and the other is ducted < 0.5barg – although with our in-house design facilities we can look at any particular cases, we like a good challenge!!

All extended surface heat exchangers are designed and constructed to suit specific requirements with the combination of fin and tube materials and fin type carefully selected to suit the application.

Units are designed and manufactured to recognised national pressure vessel codes typically ASME VIII or PD5500, we hold the ASME U stamp certificate and have applied GOST certification previously and to the requirements of the PED where applicable. Industry standards API661 and company specifications are incorporated.

Units are bespoke designed for a wide variety of heat transfer applications we pride ourselves on our ability to discuss applications, clients issues and to work towards finding and provide the best fit solution.

A major sector of clients are still based within dryer applications these are mainly for products such as starch, tobacco or food. The main heat source is generally steam but can be any one of a number of alternatives such as high pressure hot water or thermal oil.

The range of other applications are widespread ranging from duct mounted bakery proving ovens to air blast cement clinker coolers and fully polished stainless steel units to the pharmaceutical industry.

We have applications within heat recovery either exchanging heat from exhaust streams to thermal oil/water or recovering direct to the process air.