Air-cooled Condensers

Green’s manufacture a range of Air-cooled condensers (ACC) for the Power, Steel, Energy from Waste and Oil & Gas industries using forced-draft or induced air cooled designs.

We manufacture:

  • Replacement tube bundles in galvanised frames with a range of header types
  • A range of turn-key packages with fans, louvres, attenuators and temperature/pressure sensors included
  • Units with tubes tube-end welded or expanded into the headers
  • Structural assemblies for the supporting structure

We can supply replacement ACCs as build-to-print units using existing drawings or we can design new ACCs in house using the thermal data from the system requirements. All ACCs are third party approved and manufactured to the following design codes:

  • ASME VIII Div.1
  • EN13487
  • PD5500
  • API661



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